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Our Caribbean heritage spans multiple landmasses with very similar backgrounds, hundreds of languages and thousands of cultural influences but food is at the heart of what we do as a people.

With our products we want to celebrate our food and our heritage with modern twists.

Soaked Fruits 5lbs Bucket


Soaked Fruits

A hand-selected combination of dried fruits  grounded and mixed with premium Caribbean brandy, rum and spices, aged to perfection, to create the perfect addition to Caribbean Fruit Cakes, Black Cakes or British Plum Pudding.


Pepper Sauces

An exotic blend of Caribbean flavours created from a variety of local fruits and vegetables, skillfully crafted together with our local Scorpion and Moruga red peppers.  These sauces are the perfect addition to any cuisine giving it a rich, tropical taste.



Pineapple Pepper Sauce
mango, slice, white


Fruit Pulps

A variety of frozen fruit pulps will be available from November 2021.

We have an unusual rule in our business that make new employees uncomfortable.  It is, “We do not make any product upset”.  Nope! We do not.  If any member of staff comes to work upset, sad, showing depressed systems, we immediately enquire and work to make the team member comfortable to work.  We have learnt that our feelings and emotions transfer into everything we do.  We want you to feel happy when you consume or products so we do our best to make it with LOVE.

Darilyn Smart, Managing Director

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