Hi! I’m Aduni, an avid user and supporter of Smart Foods Caribbean products. I am a bit of a baker, and a foodie needless to say I love my food to taste right. Finding Smart foods was the answer to all my needs when it came to sauces and gourmet products. I’m particularly a fan of their pepper sauces. It’s flavorful and has just the right amount of spices and heat for me. They come in different flavours, so you know that I have tasted all, and even have them stashed in my cupboard. Smart foods pepper sauces are so good that I never travel without it, yes!!! I’m that lady that carries pepper sauce in her purse. Bland food? ain’t nobody got time for that. I believe in the taste and quality to the extent that I gifted my clients travel sized bottles for Christmas. It was such a hit that my international clients requested more.

Yes!!! It’s that good.

Another product that I rave about is Smart food soaked fruits, this bad boy is in a league of it’s own. It Is loaded with the right amount of good quality fruits and the alcohol content is just right. Which means that the product is flexible and can be used for more than just cakes. I used it to make cross buns, and it was a hit with my friends and family. The soaked fruits made me look good. I’m not a professional baker, but I did that.

All their products are made in small batches, which ensures good quality and consistency every time.

I am a Smart foods girl. I’m thinking I should buy shares in the company

Aduni, the Mask Lady

These Soaked Fruits are the best. They are very convenient to use. You don't have to worry about having to grind and soak fruits because you have this Soaked Fruits just like granny used to make make, already made, and ready to use, which in my opinion save you time and money.
V. Quashie
Bakery Owner
Since Smart Foods Fruit Cake Mix came out it made the process of making my cake easier. Even when I have Christmas orders I buy it in bulk to make their special Christmas Fruit Black Cake. It's a great product to invest in. This is an example of how the cake using Smart Food Fruit Cake Mix looks like.
Dana Bevyn
Dana's Cuisine and Catering Service
I am a proud user of Granny's Best Minced Mixed Fruits. Personally I believe this convenient product has saved me a whole lot of stress and worry. In the past I had to worry about dried raisins. currants with seeds and seeding prunes.... no more worry...all I do is call and I get my fruits for my Christmas Cakes.. Fruit Cakes... Wedding Cakes and sometimes I just love a spoonful or two just to snack on. Thanks Granny. It's really Best
Selwyn Wickham
Master Baker, Central School of Culinary Arts

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